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Login Basic is one in PHP written User Managment Script
It is very simple to use with an existing Homepage
It is very suitable and use full. For Programmers and no Programmers
Its very fast and secure. no MySql required, or any Database system
It running with PDO Sqlite, is installed in all installed php Versions from up to PHP 5.x
To prevent sql injection and hacking, we have used all new PDO functions.
We used Prepared Statements, and the new Filter Functions

You can see how it look, test the links to SignIn, Login Password Helper functions
And the other functions, you can see it, after login

  • All the visitors can
  • SignIn with Username, Email and Password
  • [in few days, is an another version from this script online,
    whos People can sign In only with E-Mail and Password]
  • Login
  • Get new Password, if forgot it (with E-Mail)
  • If one of the visitors create a new Useraccount,receives the admin an e-mail
  • All new User Accounts can be Activate
  • From the Admin
  • Automaticaly
  • with an Activationmail, E-Mail Verification
  • The Admin have an own User Interface
  • He can Delete, and Activate new Useraccounts
  • He can Sort the Userlist, the sort function is expandable
  • After the Login
  • The User can Change their Password
  • The User can Change their E-MAil Adress
  • The User can Upload a Photo, Avatar
  • The User can put a Short Text, about himself
  • a sortable user list is available,
  • all Registered user can search other users
  • an display her profile, with Username, date of SignIn, total logins, Photo, Aboutme text, Country, and IP determined City (approximately)
  • All Displayed elemets are customizable
  • All colors, Error Texts, E-MAil Texts, all output from the Functions
  • are simply with a little bit of html, css code changeable
  • If you Non Programmer, this script makes it very easy and uncomplicated use the functions, to integrate in your webpage. It use an special placeholder system, that you can put directly on the HTML code. The Placeholders will be later replace with the correctly data. You can display with them all data, display or hide html blocks

    You can read about all supported PLACEHOLDER in Non Programmers Section
    We Help you, if you need more Placeholder with other functions!